Everything Rose Quartz: Discover Its Physical, Emotional and Metaphysical Properties

Everything Rose Quartz: Discover Its Physical, Emotional and Metaphysical Properties

The Rose quartz is usually a light colored pink crystal that is synonymous with love and compassion. It is linked to many types of love not simply romantic love and can help facilitate family harmony and encourage better friendship relationships with those around you. It ranges in color from light to medium pink and can be clear, smoky or cloudy with pink highlights. It is directly linked to the heart and throat chakra. 


Rose Quartz Healing Properties


Rose Quartz has been known to boost heart health and is especially beneficial for pregnancy. This is attributed to its healing energy which helps protect mothers and the unborn child from health problems forming due to its intense feminine energy. It is also a good stone to have close by as it’s said to help form airtight bonds between new mothers and their babies.


Rose quartz is also known as the Heart Stone and is considered the love crystal due its connection to the heart chakra. It helps healing for those going through pain or suffering of emotional trauma. It is a favorite for those who want to increase the amount of love in their life, whether it be attracting more friends, improved family relationships or improved dynamics between romantic partners. 



Rose quartz helps deepen our connections with those around us. This property is rooted in and around the heart chakra. When your heart chakra is blocked it may manifest as unhealthy attachment, such as co-dependence or possessiveness or as having trust issues with those who are closest to you. It can also manifest as not having enough trust in yourself or others and/or feeling unworthy of the love you deserve.

One way that Rose Quartz can remedy this is by opening your heart chakra so that you can form positive connections with others. Allowing you to feel joy, connected and uplifted by the relationships in your life and the way they benefit you. It carries a lot of feminine energy that fosters compassion, care and warmth. 


Wearing Rose Quartz

There are many ways to wear Rose Quartz and to reap its beneficial healing properties. The Love Stack bracelets combine the crystal with gold vermeil charms such as Eban (the Adinkra love symbol), the lotus flower (rebirth) and the four leaf clover (good luck) to amplify the effects of the crystals.

How to Recharge Rose Quartz

In order to charge Rose Quartz, place it on a selenite plate or bowl and leave it for 24 hours. You can also place it on a natural surface under moonlight for a few hours to recharge the crystal periodically.

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