Luxury Preserved Roses: The Meaning of Roses Explained

Roses have long been a symbol of love and affection between lovers, friends and cherished family. However the origins of roses and how they got their meaning is something that is not so often discussed.

Roses come in many colors and shades and each communicates a different feeling and message. In fact, for Valentines Day in the US alone an estimated 214 million roses are sent. 

The popularity of the rose can be traced back to its origins. The name rose came from Greek mythology to signify the flower named by Aphrodite the goddess of love to her son Eros. She rearranged one letter of the name to create the name rose. Eros gave the rose to Harpocrates the god of secrets to conceal the weakness of the gods, and from there the rose became familiar as a symbol of silence, secrecy and love.

The Egyptians were lovers of roses and paintings and artwork featuring roses have been found in Egyptian tombs in the 5th century. Cleopatra is said to have loved roses and used them to seduce Mark Antony’s affections. She would have her fountain filled with rose water regularly. Kin Nebuchadnezzar is reported to have slept on a mattress filled with rose petals.

The meaning of roses gradually over time and became synonymous with luxury and lavish excess. This was partly due to the Romans love of roses which they associated with love, purity, beauty and passion. Emperors were known to have filled their baths with rose water and had rose petals laid on the carpets where they sat for their feasts. The Roman aristocracy’s love for roses was so great that peasants were forced to grow them instead of food in order to satisfy the demand.

Modern Day Rose Meanings

Nowadays, there are so many different varieties of roses due to breeding of various species which have created so many beautiful colors and hues. Additionally, the number of roses you give carries its own message and is symbol in its own right.

The meaning of red roses: 

The classic red rose has long been a symbol of love, beauty and affection. It is a time-honored way to say “I love you”. Red roses are meant to symbolize true romantic love to a partner. They are a cherished way to let the one you love know your feelings whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any time you’re thinking about them.

The meaning of pink roses: 

The pink rose is a symbol of gratitude, appreciation and esteem. They elegantly relay the message to the receiver that you admire them and hold them in high regard. They are bright yet gentle. No matter whether they are for a parent, best friend, or colleague, a pink bouquet will be the highlight of a special someone’s day.


The meaning of peach roses:

The peach rose is a symbol of gratitude and thanks. They may be sent for any occasion such as a business deal, favor, or for a valued assistant or employee. They are also a sign of loyalty.

The meaning of orange roses:

Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and wild abandon. They are an unexpected rose color and as such represent energy, excitement and ultimate awe. Orange roses should be sent when you are exuberant and bubbling over with emotion whether it be appreciation, gratitude or passion. When you are ready to let someone know how amazing you think they are-or express an over the top emotion, orange is the color that will definitely get the message across.


The meaning of yellow roses: 

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and caring for another. Although it previously was a sign for greed and jealousy, that is no longer the case. Bringing its light and warm sunshine vibes, giving a friend a yellow rose symbolizes affection and appreciation. It is also a symbol of remembrance and fond memories.

The meaning of white roses: 

White roses are associated with purity, new beginnings and marriage. They are also a gesture of remembrance and respect and many people give them as a fitting way to honor a friend or loved one to acknowledge their new beginning or farewell. They express hopefulness for the future and respect. White roses are the perfect way to tell someone you’re thinking of them.

The meaning of purple roses:

Lavender roses are meant to express fascination, admiration and adoration. They symbolize royalty as they are one of the rarest rose colors. Their meaning can vary depending on the hue but often are meant to signify love at first sight and are perfect for a new romance.

The meaning of blue roses:

Blue roses mean mystery and illusion. They symbolize ultimate desire and passion. They represent immeasurable admiration and also unattainable love. 

The meaning of black roses:

Black are a versatile rose variety. They symbolize death as well as new beginnings. It can be a fitting gift for someone starting a new chapter of their life as well as for someone in mourning. Black roses represent not returning to a previous situation and the end of a feeling, idea or relationship, which depending on the situation can be a good thing.

The meaning of gold roses: 

The meaning of gold roses when given by a spouse or partner is that your love is special, eternal and unique. They also can be given for memorable occasions such as to newlyweds, recent graduates, new moms and dads, someone starting a new job or career change and also to anyone who is embarking on a new journey or beginning. 

Gold roses are a very universal color that are always eye catching and unique when given as a gift.


The Science Behind Roses that Last for Over a Year:

Being able to give an eternal or preserved rose is an amazing relatively new opportunity that will allow your rose gift to be appreciated for at least a year. But how exactly does it work? How are the roses able to last so long? The process starts by cutting the roses when their blossom is at its peak. The roses are injected with a glycerin based, hypoallergenic, non-toxic solution that keeps them from continuing to grow but preserves their beautiful shape and texture. This process rehydrates the rose from stem to petal and leaves the flower flexible and natural looking for at least a year.

There are other slightly different methods of preserving the flowers as well that involve placing the fresh cut rose into an alcohol solution and then into a solution that freezes the bloom in place to prevent it from withering. The process can be done with any flower to create an amazing bloom that lasts for an amazingly long time.

As the world becomes more eco conscious, buying roses that last a year is arguably the most eco friendly and sustainable option instead of buying fresh cut flowers each week. Making small changes like these can lead to a big impact for all of us.

In order to achieve some of the more unique colors of roses that are not naturally occurring in nature, the blooms must be bleached and then dyed a specific color. It is recommended to not remove the roses from their original box. Further, it’s also recommended to keep the roses in a non humid normal temperature environment in order to keep the roses looking their best. Not doing so can result in a dulling of their color or texture changes.

The Meaning Associated With Giving a Certain Number of Roses

When giving the gift of roses, it’s not always clear to determine what different numbers of roses mean. Let’s break down what each rose gift means based on how many roses you are giving.

Single rose:

A single rose means love at first sight to the one you are falling for. If you are in a more established relationship, sending a single rose means “I still love you.”

Two roses:

Giving someone two roses symbolizes your mutual love and affection for one another and the reciprocity of love.

Three roses:

Represents a couple and their shared love. The three roses symbolize the words “I love you” and is traditionally given for early anniversaries between one and three months of being together. 

Four roses:

Means nothing will come between us. The ultimate symbol of unity, let your loved one know that no matter what challenges come your way, it doesn’t matter because they won’t affect your relationship.

Six roses:

Given as a sign of unwavering infatuation, six roses symbolize a desire to be with someone. Six roses are a longstanding gift if you are in a long distance relationship and can’t be physically present with your special love. Secret admirer’s often choose to send six roses to show their affection.

Nine roses:

A symbol of undying and eternal love, nine roses let your special partner know that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Ten roses:

Symbolize that you feel your partner is perfect in every way.

A Dozen Roses:

One of the most popular numbers of roses to gift. Give someone a dozen roses when you want to let that special someone know that you want them to be yours. There will be no mistake about what’s in your heart. 

13 roses:

Symbolizes a forever friendship and lets them know that no matter what, you will always be there for them.

21 roses:

If you want to let your partner know how proud you are of them, then a gift of 21 roses will definitely do the trick. 21 roses means admiration for your special someone. 

24 roses:

Sending two dozen roses lets someone know that they are always on your mind 24/7 and that your love and affection for them is deep and real.

Thirty roses:

By sending thirty roses, you are letting the person know that you are eternally faithful and loyal to them.You can also give 30 roses for symbolic birthdays or anniversaries. 

Forty roses:

Let’s your partner know that your love for them is genuine and comes straight from the heart. You can also give 40 roses for symbolic birthdays, anniversaries, retirements  or any occasion where someone is celebrating 40 years.

Forty-seven roses:

Symbolizes that the person is your one and only and you only have eyes for them and them alone. It is the symbol of a true, genuine and trusting love.

Fifty roses:

Represents an unconditional love that they will never regret. 

Sixty-six roses:

Represents the sentiment that nothing in the world will ever change my love for you. These would be exceptional for an anniversary, birthday or just anytime you want to make your loved one feel special.

Seventy-seven roses:

If you want to let the person know that they are your soul mate, seventy-seven is the number to send.

Eight-eight roses:

If you want to apologize for a mistake that was made, or otherwise make amends, sending eighty-eight beautiful roses is the right move to make.

Ninety-nine roses:

Letting someone know that you will love them until the day you die is possibly the ultimate romantic statement. Say it in style with ninety-nine roses.

100 roses:

A gift of 100 roses lets the person you love know that you are completely devoted to them, and give them your whole heart. Trying to think of a more dramatic and beautiful way to say that would be hard to do.

If you are trying to find the right meaning for a single rose and want to ensure that you choose the right color, find out the meaning of a single rose for each color. 

Single Rose Meanings (based on color):

Single red rose: I love you

A single white rose: My feelings are pure, sympathy

A single pink rose: I like you

A single yellow rose: Let’s be friends

A single orange rose: I’m proud of you

A single peach rose: Thank you

A single lavender rose: You enchant me

Luxurious roses are the perfect way to tell your loved ones how you feel. Whether it’s your partner, mother, best friend, coworker or other special someone, there is always a way to express your love and appreciation through roses. Finding the right color and number of roses for a special holiday, birthday, anniversary or just because is easier than ever. Even better is being able to give a rose that lasts for a year or more and will be a daily reminder of your love and appreciation.

Preserved roses are the ultimate luxury when you want to give a gift that is special and will always be remembered.